Think Safety



HSE (Health Safety and the Environment) doesn’t just happen. Vicano Construction Limited takes safety very seriously.

Through continuous improvement, Senior Management, Superintendents and all Workers shall be committed to their responsibility in compliance with Health and Safety in the workplace. Vicano Construction Limited will demonstrate this through the implementation of its occupational Health and Safety Program.

Vicano Construction Limited’s HSE Program is one of the best in the industry. It has allowed us to work with clients that have some of the most stringent safety policies in the world. Companies like CN Rail, Walmart Canada and Ferrero Roche. We are proud of this not just because of the business and recognition that it brings but, because we truly believe that every worker, subcontractor, client or visitor on our sites and in our offices deserves to come to work in a safe environment. That is why we believe in HSE Citizenship, not just HSE compliance.