Vicano Construction Limited is dedicated to building to LEED Standards, promoting corporate responsibility by integrating and balancing the economic, social and environmental impact on the quality of life of our current and future tenants. Our goal is to work with our clients to create healthy building environments.

Building to LEED® standards doesn’t just save energy, it helps lower overhead, increases tenant comfort and ensures the building is modern and sustainable for generations to come. All Vicano contractors are expected to be highly versed in LEED® standards and we offer environmental stewardship to our building occupants to help them reduce their environmental footprint.


  • Lower operating costs due to highly efficient equipment, systems and technology
  • Lower common area costs
  • Efficiently designed floor plates that allow for less square footage per person, therefore reducing the square footage leased
  • High level of natural light
  • High level of security
  • Excellent indoor air quality and thermal comfort is proven to reduce sick leave and staff turnover while improving productivity and morale
  • Promotes corporate social responsibility
  • Important component of good business practices
  • Reduces the negative impact of buildings on the planet