Construction Management


Construction management is a team approach to the construction process. The concept joins the owner along with the architect and contractor into a team concerned with the common objective of providing the owner with the desired project within the shortest possible time consistent with budget goals.

This method differs from others in that the contractor is selected by the owner when a decision to undertake a project is made. Once selected, the contractor together with the owner, form the construction management team. The architect has prime responsibility for concept, functional use of space, aesthetics, quality of design and production of drawings and specifications. The Construction Manager provides advisory professional management assistance to the owner prior to construction, offering scheduling, budget, and constructability advice during the project phase.

During the construction period, the Management Contractor’s role differs very little from that of a General Contractor. He provides on-site organization and supervision over all phases of the project, updates schedules, checks shop drawings and change orders, provides cost statement and progress billings.

In addition to providing the owner with the benefit of pre-construction services which may result in advantageous changes to the project, the Construction Management scenario offers the opportunity to begin construction prior to the completion of the design.   The Construction Manager can bid and subcontract portions of the work at any time, often while design of unrelated portions is still not complete.

Vicano Construction Limited ensures that our clients have the control they want over all aspects of the construction process.


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