Cora’s Restaurant -Brantford, ON

Cora’s Restaurant -Brantford, ON

Cora’s Breakfast and Lunch restaurant recently celebrated the grand opening of their newest popular breakfast and lunch chain in Brantford. The new 4,000 Sq. Ft. restaurant is located at 195 Henry Street on the growing Wayne Gretzky Parkway corridor.

A full house of hungry customers, Cora’s executives, city representatives, and Vicano staff were on hand for the traditional “egg cracking ceremony” which took place on Monday morning. The ceremony hosted by Yvan Coupal, executive director of Coras Franchise Group; David Polny Senior Director of Cora’s Franchise Development; Herb and Valerie Ruiss, franchise owners, was a huge success and a great way to kick off the opening of the new restaurant.

Design and construction of the unique restaurant was completed by Vicano Construction Limited. The building is one of the first of the 89 Cora’s restaurants throughout Canada that is “freestanding” and not within a plaza. With no previous design to work from, Vicano Construction had the challenging task of designing the building to maintain Cora’s sense of bright, family valued tradition while giving consideration to Cora’s needs as a functioning restaurant.

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Cora’s is the latest business to join the 195 Henry Street commercial development. Also on site are: Bank of Montreal, TA Appliance Warehouse, and Centennial Windows. Leasing of Phase II of the 11 Acre site is now underway. For further information please contact:

Paul Vicano
Tel: (519) 759-4120
Fax: (519) 759-6911


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  • Location: Brantford, ON
  • Type: Commercial
  • Size: 4,030 sq. ft.
  • Service Provided: Lump Sum Contract
  • Completion Date: 2007

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