Moksha Yoga, Mud Street West, Stoney Creek, ON


Vicano Construction Limited was contracted to complete this design-build, construction management of 4,570 SF leasehold improvement work with a strict deadline of December 31st 2015 completion. Vicano started design work on September 15th, 2015 and obtained substantial performance on December 30th, 2015!

The project included a temperature and humidity controlled-environment “Hot Room”, designed to create a radiant heated space of 100 degrees F, and a relative humidity level of 40% at all times.  Vicano construction and the clients decided to install a “new style” humidification system which included a silent exhaust fan, recirculating air through the room from which a humidification unit ads steam to this ductwork.

Twenty-one (21) ceiling mounted heating panels (braced at the roof deck) were installed in the “Hot Room” along with ceiling fans, penant lights, a monolithic cork floor and full wall mirrors (seen in photograph to the right).

Yoga “Ballet” Barres were installed in the “Cool Room” with all required backing.

This space boasted 14 foot high ceilings throughout the retail and reception areas with various ceiling fans, track and pot lighting.  The hallways further boasted an 11 foot high ceiling which opened up the entire space.

The tight schedule created various challenges, but in the end the Stoney Creek Area has a new Moksha Yoga studio to call it’s home.


  • Tags: Commercial

  • Location: 256 Mud St. W., Hamilton
  • Type: Commerical
  • Size: 4,570 sq. ft.
  • Service Provided: Design / Build, Construction Management
  • Completion Date: December 30, 2015

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