Tigercat Industries – Consolidated Drive, Paris, ON

Vicano Construction Limited was carefully selected by Tigercat Industries to lead the planning, design, municipal approval process, and construction of its new 125,000 square foot facility in Paris, ON.

Vicano was seen by Tigercat as a local business sharing the same passion and mindset to get a job done.

The project was not without its challenges.  Challenges that Vicano approached head on, and excelled at overcoming all obstacles in the way of achieving the goal of having the facility operational as soon as possible.

The selected location for the building on Tigercat owned lands was once previously a gravel pit that had been filled in.   Due to this, the soils had been deemed unsuitable to sustain the loads of the proposed new structure.    Vicano quickly reacted with overseeing a large mass excavation and re-compaction of the soils during the spring of 2014, while the Site Plan Approval and building design occurred concurrently.

Foundation work began in the summer of 2014 with over 1,000 m3 of concrete required to support the 1,000 tons of structural building steel and imposed loads by the six (6) 16 and 32 ton bridge cranes, spanning 70’ each.

The building was enclosed and roofed during one of the coldest winters in Canadian history, creating additional challenges caused by mother nature, but the project pace did not let up.

The materials for the building were carefully selected by the Vicano team to ensure energy efficiency, which was a cause for concern with over twenty 18’ x 20’ high overhead doors being constantly opened.   9” thick insulated precast concrete walls were chosen for the first half of the height of the exterior plant walls for durability and R-value, while insulated metal sandwich panels were used for the upper portion with an even greater R-value.

The building features the latest in LED high bay lighting fixtures throughout, including an automatic “daylight dimming” system linked to the 51 skylights over the plant floor that dim the lights based on the amount of natural daylight available for huge energy savings.

The office and employee change rooms utilized modest, practical materials that were selected to for both function and form.   Tall acoustic ceilings and extensive use of curtain wall blend well to create a “wide open” feel yet acoustical approach to the open workstations for the team of engineers, production managers and IT staff sharing the office area.

The site around the building was paved extensively with roller compacted concrete.  A material selected by the project team for its substantial strength and abrasion resistance, caused by the heavy Tigercat equipment and sharp track grousers.

A separate 2-bay, 5,400 square foot pre-engineered building was constructed on site as a final wash down facility for the newly produced Tigercat equipment that would be assembled in the main facility.

Site Services including three (3) large underground storm water infiltration galleries were self-performed by Vicano’s servicing crews.

The facility was 100% complete and operational in June 2015,  10 short months after the first load of concrete was poured.

  • Tags: Industrial

  • Location: 40 Consolidated Dr. Paris, ON
  • Type: Industrial
  • Size: 125,000 sq. ft.
  • Design /Build

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